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Reebok Jet 300 Folding Treadmill + Bluetooth


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Jet Air Motion

The cushioning air pods transfer air to adapt to the users’ foot strike – these moving air channels help to reduce ground reaction force to prevent the potential of overuse injuries when running. Ultimately, the unique airflow cushioning helps to reduce joint impact, enabling you to work out for longer.

Automatic stop function

The entire series of Reebok Jet treadmills has an automatic stop function. While training, simply connect the security key to your clothes and run as usual. In case you stumble or find yourself dangerously far away on the back of the treadmill, the magnetic key is removed from the console and immediately stops the machine. This feature significantly reduces possible injuries.


Whether you’re a fitness novice or seasoned pro, the Reebok Fitness app allows you to tailor, track and breakdown your workouts to get the most from your regime.


Once you have downloaded the app, it’s really easy to setup and connect with your equipment.

The app connects to a compatible machine via the bluetooth dongle, so you don’t even need GPS or internet to use it. The dongle simply plugs into the blue colour coded USB port on the front of the equipment.


Once you have selected a workout or planned your route, the app will ask you to choose the machine you would like to connect with . . .

you’re then ready to start!



  • Engine: 2.5 hp
  • Running surface: 150 x 51 cm
  • Electronic speed: 1-20 km / h
  • Programs: 27 motivating programs + anlysis of body fat
  • Interactivity: Console (Speed Control Button, Display Functions: Tilt Level 15, Pulse, Calories, Time, Speed, Distance and Current Program)
  • Pulse sensor: on the handlebar
  • MP3 and speaker connection

  • Transport wheels

  • Maximum user weight: 140 kg


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